Elven Unit Statistics Edit

Glade RunnersEdit

Glade Runners are the Elven infantry, trained to protect their forest homes with their lives. Their culture considers every Elven life precious, so Glade Runners are trained to strike quickly then retreat back to the safety of the deep forest. When the frustrated enemy had given up pursuit and cursed them as cowards, the Runners return to attack again. The more brutish races scoff at the perceived dishonor of these tactics, but to an elf, the greatest dishonor is a pointless death.


The common Elven warrior is proficient in the use of a long sword in melee combat. These foot soldiers are lightly armored. Due to their fragile bodies, Elven warriors are not powerful or devastating. But they fight skillfully and nimbly, striking their opponents more often than not with every swing of the blade.
Their shields give them the ability to block ranged attacks and the initial melee attack of an enemy


Elves are naturally skilled archers. Experienced Elven Longbowmen are considered magicians to all who wield the bow. Stories abound of them skewering multiple targets with a single shot, and of deflecting the arrows of an enemy with their own. Whether exaggerated or not, there can be no doubt that if your armor has a single weak point, an elven archer can find it.


Nymphs are timid, good-natured magical creatures who bear the appearance of the ideal female. They are at home in the woods and frequently ally themselves with other benevolent creatures of the forest, most often the Elves. While not at all warlike by nature, Nymphs will fight bravely if the welfare of their woodland home is threatened.
In combat, Nymphs are weak. Their main strength is their ability to seduce male humanoids into servitude.


Elves typically deploy mounted scouts instead of heavy cavalry. Elven scouts are trained to move quickly, even through dense forests. Armed with light lances, Elven scouts are very capable of defending themselves, but would not stand up to a heavily armoured cavalry, such as that of the Orcs.
If they can attack while on the move, the increased speed of their Charge makes them even more deadly.


Guardians of Forest Life, the elven Druids have taken a vow of servitude to Nature, and forsake with great hostility any man or race who threatens the natural order.
Druits have a natural affinity with animals, and can easily compel a wild beast to aid them, or a steed to disobey its rider. They may call upon the forest to allow them quick and unseen passage, or to entangle an enemy.

Iron MaidenEdit

Blessed by the Earth Spirits, Iron Maidens use the tools of industry to protect the natural order. They were founded by the ex-Druid Nahndilay, expelled for her attempts to incite her Order to war against any who even approached their forest. She recruited any capable female she could find; believing that only those capable of motherhood could understand the plight of Mother Nature. The Maidens' campaign culminated in the 'cleansing' of the nearby Human village of Trafall, and the merciless slaughter of all who dwelled within. Shortly after that event, Nahndilay disappeared forever, and her disciples recommitted themselves to the Druidic tenets. Whether she fled into exile out of shame, was assassinated by the Druids, or was killed by one of her own Maidens, remains unknown.
Iron Maidens are immune to all forms of mind control, and can instantly move across short distances. If they can attack while on the move, the increased speed of their Charge makes them even more deadly.


Lumberjacks have a special name for their image of the devil: the Treeman. A hulking, intelligent tree with the power to move on its roots as if they were feet, the Treeman haunts the dreams of any who would defile the forests of the world. No woodcutter has ever swung an axe at a Treeman...twice.
Walls serve as poor obstacles to the Treeman, whose strong, thick limbs can easily tear them apart.

Fairy DragonEdit

Fairy Dragons are an odd combination: the light and whimsical, mixed together with the fearsome and deadly. When confronted with evil in any form, they are ruthless and single-minded in their desire to destroy it. Yet they have a soft spot for the diminutive and innocent creatures of the world, and can often be found acting as a living playground for groups of elven children. One of their favourite tricks is to let the children climb high up on their backs, then teleport themselves away and watch the youngsters tumble to the grass below in a heap. The sound of dragon laughter that follows is a strange thing indeed.
Fairy Dragons are immune to all forms of mind control, and can Phase across short distances instantly. They can see through any illusion, and also carry the ability to spray large amounts of Pixie Dust on their enemies, causing chaotic results.
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