Human Unit Statistics Edit


Human Halberdier
Halberdiers, in general, are made up from local militia, a weapon thrust into their hands and sent into battle. Not eager to die in battle, they adhere to the combat principle, 'Stab your opponent before he can stab you.'
The long helberds they hold permit them the ability of retaliation before the enemy can draw a shorter weapon and strike.


Human Infantry
The common Human Infantry is proficient in the use of a long sword and shield in melee combat. These foot soldiers are medium armoured and relatively cheap to train and pay, making them the foundation for most military exploits. Because many humans aspire to knighthood, training in swordsmanship is widespread. The vast majority of human swordsmen are average in their abilities, but each is eager to prove himself in battle.
Their shields give them the ability to block ranged attacks and the initial melee attack of an enemy.


Human Crossbowman
Comparitively, human Crossbowmen are relatively average. With practice and experience, they may increase their proficiency with the crossbow, but, at best, the highest compliment given to a human crossbowman is, 'He has elven blood.'


Human Swashbuckler
Friendly and boisterous towards their employer, ruthless and cruel to any who cross them, Swashbucklers are pure mercenaries. Usually employed only by the disreputable or corrupt, when times of war approach their skill with both blade and the pistol put them in great demand. As long as they are well paid, Swashbucklers are as trustworthy a soldier as could be, as long as their employer doesn't mind the occasional plundering and ransacking of conquered towns and their inhabitants.
Swashbucklers have learned to turn their foul mouths and sharp wits to their advantage, and can Taunt their enemies into attacking them instead of their allies. Strangely, Swashbucklers seem expert enough at irritating others that they can even draw the ire of animals and magical creatures.


Human cavalry
Human Cavalry wield a long awl pike tipped with deadly iron. In general, they are moreskilled than human infantrymen. Humans interact well with horses and have raised their own breeds since they arrivedin the Valley of Wonders. The origin of human horses is thought to come from the Azracs, an extinct race of desert nomads, which explains why their steeds are so hearty.
If they can attack while on the move, their increased speed of their Charge makes them even more deadly.


Human Witch
Once referred to as 'Witches', Herbalists were quick to emphasize their botanical side when Humans began burning the users of magic upon stakes. Some Herbalists decide to go by the more direct name 'Notwitch', but apparently torch-wielding mobs aren't very skilled at making grammatical distinctions, so now only the Herbalists are left. Their great knowledge of plants allows them to concoct remedies and poisons with equal skill. It has been suggested that they could create much more powerful potions if they wished, but restrain themselves for fear of appearing too 'magical'.
Herbalists can actively heal allies in combat once a day, or automatically heal wounded party members at the end of the day.


Human Knight
Heavily armoured and extremely skilled with a long sword, the Human Knight charges fearlessly into battle. Knights serve their lord with the utmost loyalty, and maintain an unwavering commitment to the principles of chivalry. They are popular with the people, and respected by their enemies.
Knights are immune to all forms of mind control, and have an innate skill at fighting Dragons and their kin. If they can attack while on the move, the increased speed of their Charge makes them even more deadly.

Chaplain (Shadow Magic)Edit

While the Priest tries to get as close to their God as possible, the Chaplain's role puts them much closer to the common soldier than to the divine. Chaplains attempt to fortify the bodies and souls of the armies they minister to. Never fearing death, they are seen just as often on the front lines as in the back. While their skill in combat is not spectacular, their faith grants Chaplains a resolve and ferocity that makes it impossible to take them lightly.
Chaplains are immune to all forms of mind control. They can cause panic in the rotted minds of the Undead, and remove the magical enchantments placed upon others. Chaplains also bring hope to those they travel with, increasing their morale.

Air GalleyEdit

Human Airship
The Air Galley represents the pinnacle of Human engineering. A flying battleship of grand proportions, it can carry a small army into combat across any terrain. Once at the battlefield, the Air Galley becomes a floating weapon in the skies, raining oversized javelins down upon the enemy.
Their ability to Ram flying enemies and force them to the ground has earned the Air Galley a reputation of being as well armoured as dragonscale. The first Air Galley ever constructed, dubbed the 'Gigantica' was even rumored to be indestructible, until a collision with an especially fearsome dragon proved that rumor false.
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