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Belendor was born into a royal house. He was loved by his mother, but hated by his Father who had no other children or heirs. Strangely Belendor lookednothinglike his father. In fact, of all the court, he resembled the court jester the most, leaving many in the court to pass about vicious rumors as to the obvious origin of Belendor's birth. Belendor, driven to earn his father's approval, fled courts of privilege to pursue the life of a hero.



Jafsar is fiercely loyal to Yaka, who he believes to be God. and even if, through some cruel twist of faith, he isn't the God, Jafsar figures that he's close enough. He has devoted his life to pandering to Yaka and will readily call down blazing comets from heaven upon any infidel which suggests that Yaka is a mere wizard in the same standing as that brazen flaming hussy, Karissa. At rare times his love for Yaka has actually been his weakness. He has been tricked by clever wizards into fighting against Yaka's hosts. If this should happen, Jafsar will immediately escuse his behavior as doing Yaka's higher will, though he has never been seen to make this excuse anywhere near Yaka.



Shenga is the daughter of a Frost Witch. As is traditional among Frost Witches, her father is nothing more than a distant memory blown across the cold north wind. Shenga always intended to follow after the ways of the Frost Witches but found that she could not follow through with all the unpleasant treatment of men, required by all true Frost Witches. SO she embraced the more liberal lifestyle of Shaman and has not spoken to her mother in ages.
Shenga can weaken her opponents with a blast of black ice. She can chill enemies from afar by casting at them bolts of snow and ice. She loves her Frostling people, and hates to be ignored. As a frostling, she hopes that someday they will be given a full-fledged role in the affairs of politics and world power.
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