Troublemakers and dreamers, the Humans are filled with unbridled ambition to rule, prosper, grow, conquer and experience far more than their short lives can hold. They live for the moment and to them nothing is sacred. To ancient life, Humans are dangerous, vulgar and uncouth.

Humans are a strange mix of all races. Some desire to invent and build things. Others desire to rule and wield power, while others are content to sit in the shade of the trees and tell stories to children. Some humans are deeply spiritual, while others show a knack for learning powers that were thought forgotten. Their governments are in a state of constant evolution, while every individual is of their own mind. Every man walks after their own pursuit with brazen disregard for the laws of nature or the order of life.

Their unpredictable natures have brought them to the brink of extinction. During times of peace, the Humans grew too great among themselves, and they drove from the world many races and creatures. All their expansion did not pass the notice of the destructive forces from Evermore, and soon they were scourged nigh unto oblivion. Still, Humans are resourceful, and when organized they manage to be more efficient in their production of goods than most races.

Age of Wonders Units

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  • Human Archer (Level 1)
  • Human Swordsman (Level 1)
  • Human Pikeman (Level 1)
  • Human Priest (Level 2)
  • Human Medium Cavalry (Level 2)
  • Human Charlatan (Level 3)
  • Human Cavalier (Level 3)
  • Human Musketeer (Level 3)
  • Human Air Galley (Level 4)

Age of Wonders II/Shadow Magic Units

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  • Human Halberdier (Tier 0)
  • Human Infantry (Tier 1)
  • Human Crossbowman (Tier 1)
  • Human Swashbuckler (Tier 2)
  • Human Cavalry (Tier 2)
  • Human Herbalist (Tier 3)
  • Human Knight (Tier 3)
  • Human Air Galley (Tier 4)
  • Human Chaplain (Shadow Magic)

Age of Wonders III Units

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