Forsaken by their god Yaka, and driven from a realm of riches and power, the Nomads dream of conquest while drifting like the blowing sands of their forlorn deserts home.


These people are a remnant of the once great Azrac Empire and their human conquerors, who fled brutal conflicts of their own. Human in appearance, with deeply tanned, rough skin which help them blend and withstand the arid sands of the desert.

Alignment - NeutralEdit

Their culture is rich with stories of strong family tribes, fortunate wanderers, revenge and slavery. Perhaps it is because they have no set boundaries and claim no fixed kingdoms that they have embraced the decadent practice of enslaving outsiders.


Every Nomad family has a tent of differing size, which determines their status in society. They are quick and able on horseback or camel, and despite the size of their dwellings, they lash their canvas and wodden structures to the backs of their slaves, camels and their greatest beast of burden, the elephant, rending the whole city mobile.

Age of Wonders UnitsEdit

Age of Wonders II/Shadow Magic UnitsEdit

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