Orc Theocrat in customization screen

"Orcs are creatures of destruction. They live to break things down, and so it is with great difficulty that a master of Orcs must gather the tribes together and form a city.

They care little for magic, but prefer to trust in the power of cruelty and strength. Orcs hate things of beauty, unless that thing is cruel. When bored, they will just as readily destroy themselves as any particular race, but as a result, they are efficient workers when organized by powerful leaders, and they are accustomed to working under duress of harsh taskmasters." - Age of Wonders III description of Orcs.


Orcs are tall, and heavyset creatures. Their skin colour ranges from green to grey. They have wide, flat noses, bent and pointed ears, and their sharp lower teeth tend to protrude from their mouths, which makes for an ugly and fearsome look.


Orcs have the night vision trait, which gives +2 vision range when in the Underground.

Orcs' terrain preferences are:

Likes: Barrens

Dislikes: Arctic, Blighted

Hates: Volcanic

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