Whether for good or ill intent, Priests and their abilities are highly valuable to any and all those who can take advantage of their magical abilities and secrets. All priests can cause panic in the rotted minds of the Undead. Additionally, Priests can actively heal allies in combat once a day, or automatically heal wounded party members at the end of the day.

Age of Wonders II/Shadow Magic - Detailed Statistics

High Priest

For the High Priest, having a 'holier than thou' attitude is the resultof a lifetime of rigorous training. Only the most devoted souls can ascendthrough the ranks of the priesthood to gain the secrets of the divine. Sometimes resented for the possessive manner in which they defend those secrets, there can be no doubt that High Priests carry within them a piece of holy magic, making them quite valuable in the battle against evil


Seeking balance in all things, the Monk avoids the conflicts of others whenever possible. Maintaining a strict devotion to their discipline affords them little time for what they see as the petty squabbles of the outside world. Their teachings tell them that, 'The angelic and the devilish shall both return to dust, to aideither is but to distract oneself from clarity of ody and mind.' Monks fight only to protect their monasteries, and even then have been known to pause for meditative thought before their enemies have finished their last breath.

Black Priest

Those who join the Order of the Dark to become Black Priests come from all walks of life. Some were once children of privilege, who were turned away by the High Priesthood for their flaws. Others come from common blood, having bound their fate to the forces of evil in trade for the fulfillment of some material or carnal desire. And some are merely lunatics, whose detachment from physical reality has made them adept at wielding magical forces. The Order of the Dark welcomes them all with open arms, so long as they seek the destruction of the Light.
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