Talic was a powerful Stormlord of the Cult of Storms and servant of Meandor, he is the default player character for the Cult of Storms campaign in Age of Wonders.

Due to the multiple storylines of AOW it is difficult to determine his precise canon contribution, however it is likely he led the goblin assault on Aldor to assassinate Elwyn.

Relations with other characters:

He begins as a loyal servant to Meandor, seeking to bring about a new age of elves in his name, choices during the later campaign may change this.

Talic also appears to have been in some form of relationship with Melenis, and is is noticeable displeased with her death, he regards her as one of the few other capable Stormlords. If he chooses to serve Inioch and the Undead he will be rewarded with an animated Melenis, but he regards her as an empty, mocking husk, and wishes to get her out of his way.


Talic is arrogant, and competent enough to back it up, though he may make errors of judgement.

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